Términos y condiciones


MonarchBet – online casino where you can invite other players in order to generate income by using ads links/materials of MonarchBetAffiliates partnership program (hereinafter «МВ» or «Partnership Program»).

Partnership Agreement – this document formalizes the conditions of interaction between MB and individual above 18 years old of age, or a corporate body (hereinafter «Partner») (hereinafter «Agreement»). By registering at MB, you confirm that you have read and agree to follow this Agreement. MB maintains the right to change, add or cancel any parts, points and subpoints of clauses in this Agreement without prior notification of Partner about those changes. Actual version of Agreement is always available via the link: https://monarchbetaffiliates.com/. Partner holds sole responsibility for familiarization with an actual version of the Agreement. In case of disagreement with conditions stipulated in the Agreement, it is required for Partner to stop any participation in the Partnership Program. In case of violation of any clauses of the Agreement by Partner, МВ maintains the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement and block the account of Partner without any reimbursement of damages/losses as well as any payments.

Advertisement materials — tools used by the Partner in order to promote www.monarchbet.com on the internet.

Prohibited countries – advertisement of MonarchBet is prohibited in the following countries: USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Israel, Sudan, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Latvia, Cyprus.

Payment methods — all payments to Partner by Partnership Program for an agreed result of inviting Players by Partner via internet, are included in the following payment methods: Revenue Share and CPA.

Player — individual above 18 years old, who has visited www.monarchbet.com website via advertisement links, used by the Partner, and registered personal account at www.monarchbet.com for the first time. The following cannot be considered as a Player: any user created artificially, such as robot, spider, computer script or any other automated, artificial or fraudulent machine algorithm aiming to emulate the actions of a real human being.

Hold — period of time during which a Player confirms his personal data, while MB verifies their accordance with MB rules and regulations. The length of period is defined by MB at their own discretion.

Payment period — time frame during which a payment of partnership remuneration to the Partner is done. The partnership remuneration is issued after the verification of Players that have been invited by the Partner in accordance to the rules and regulations of MB and www.monarchbet.com. There are 2 (two) Payment periods of 1 (one) calendar month duration: the first Payment period of a month is from 1 until 15 calendar day, while the second Payment period is from 16 until the last calendar day of the month (inclusive).

Payment of Partner’s remuneration – transfer of funds to the Partner’s account, which is carried out within 3 (three) business days after the end of payment period. The remuneration is carried out via the following payment methods: Capitalist, Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, QIWI, Bank Transfer. Partner acknowledges and agrees that MB fully relies on the provided payment account details and deems them as precise and trustworthy. In addition, Partner holds sole responsibility to inform MB in case of any changes that could impact any payments within this Agreement. The payment to Partner’s balance is carried out in equivalent of 50 (fifty) USD by the end of Payment period. Partner is to personally pay all the taxes and fees associated to the country of residence of a Partner.

2. PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM MonarchBetAffiliates

2.1. In order to participate in the Partnership Program, it is required to fill up the following registration form https://monarchbetaffiliates.com/. While registering, it is highly advised to abstain from using any nicknames, fake accounts and illegal email addresses. MB maintains the right to request a verification of personal data specified during registration.

2.2. Registration of several accounts in the Partnership Program without any agreement with MB, is prohibited.

2.3. МВ maintains the right to reject any registration without any explanation.

2.4. Partner is prohibited to have Player’s account at www.monarchbet.com. In case if this clause is violated, MB maintains the right to block the account of Partner in the Partnership Program, as well as the account of Player at www.monarchbet.com alongside with complete deduction of funds from balances linked to both accounts. This rule is also applicable to individuals linked/associated with the Partner, provided that their relation is confirmed.

2.5. In case if MB finds sufficient evidence to conclude that Partner has violated the Partnership Agreement, then MB maintains the right to stop or block any payments to Partner until investigation is completed. In case if the violation of Partnership Agreement is confirmed, the account of Partner in the Partnership Program gets blocked without any prior notification and the balance gets nullified in favour of MB.

2.6. Partner is obliged to use Advertisement materials of the Partnership Program exclusively for purpose of advertising www.monarchbet.com.

2.7. Any requests or complaints associated with loss of revenue or moral damage are not accepted for review.


3.1. Remuneration of Partner is carried out based on two models CPA and Revenue Share (any financial bonuses that a Player is eligible to during account top-up, or during participation in single or regular promo-actions, are not included in Partner’s remuneration):

CPA (cost per action): fixed payment in amount of $25 for the first deposit, carried out by the Player that was invited by Partner, in full accordance with the following KPI within Payment period:

•Percentage from recurring deposits does not exceed 50%;

•Total number of active Players within the common stream does not exceed 10%.

If KPI is not fulfilled within two Payment periods, then the Partner’s remuneration is calculated based on the Revenue Share model.

Revenue Share: 40 percent from Net Gaming Revenue, which resembles a financial index being calculated by the following formula NGR = (А – В), where:

А – total amount of all bets placed by Players;

В – total amount of all winnings.

3.2. In case if:

•More than 5% of Players invited by the Partner within any period, have made a chargeback (process of appealing by the bank with regards to card transactions, which can be initiated by both, card holder and issuing bank);

•Players invited by the Partner, do not comply with limitations of creating several accounts (more than one account by one Player at www.monarchbet.com);

•Players invited by the Partner, do not comply with limitations related to carding, fraud, or do sport betting by using “the forks” strategy, or violate any other rules and regulations of www.monarchbet.com

•There are reasons to conclude that Partner has violated rules and regulations of the Partnership Program

all payments to the Partner get blocked until the investigation of the incident is complete.


Duties of МВ

4.1. To provide Partner with URL links to www.monarchbet.com website via Partnership Program, as well as provide Advertisement materials, which can be posted by Partner at the websites that belong to or under control by the Partner. Identification of Players’ compliance with Partners, who have invited them, is carried out on URL links basis.

4.2. To pay remuneration to the Partner based on the agreed payment model for activities of Players invited by the Partner.

4.3. To provide the Partner with information support related to increase of Partner’s income and increase in number of Players invited by the Partner.

Rights of МВ

4.4. МВ maintains the right to request the Partner to present information related to source of traffic, methods and advertisement materials used to invite new Players. In case if Partner rejects to provide the requested data, then MB maintains the right to terminate Partnership Agreement.

4.5. In case if MB finds evidence of disclosure of any information obtained by the Partner during interaction with MB, then MB maintains the right to block the account of Partner in the Partnership Program without any prior notification, as well as nullify the balance of Partner’s account in the Partnership Program.

4.6. In case if there is no Partner’s activity (invitation of new players) within a period of 6 (six) months and above, then the Partnership Program maintains the right to block the account and transfer all the balance funds to MB.

Duties of Partner

4.7. Partner is prohibited to voluntarily create and offer any sort of incentives (financial or any other form) to Players without any prior agreement or discussion with Partnership Program.

4.8. To provide trustworthy and precise information related to MB. To provide exclusively correct, precise, clear and actual information at his websites and advertisement, posts and other resources. To follow all the instructions from Customer Support of Partnership Program related to maintenance of advertisement materials.

4.9. To not register and/or use any domain names containing the brand name of MonarchBet, as well as any its derivatives or forms with errors, which can confuse the user by creating an impression of the original MonarchBet website.


5.1. МВ does not hold any responsibility for actions or inactions of Partner.

5.2. МВ does not hold any responsibility for breach of obligations caused by malfunction of communication channels, technical problems of Internet provider and other technical problems.

5.3. Partner holds sole responsibility for the safety of his passwords as well as payment details, and guarantees that all the information provided in personal profile, is trustworthy, precise and actual.

5.4. Partner guarantees that any actions carried out within the limits of this Agreement, do not violate any laws, resolutions and other rules applicable to Partner or Partner’s jurisdiction.

5.5. In case of Agreement cessation and/or blocking of Partner’s account, it is required that Partner stops sending traffic and/or posting advertisement materials for the benefit of MB.